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Meet The Staff

parts on table
bossman on phone
heads off truck
balboa ambulance being worked on
truck in front of diesel doctor
Bossman working on truck
albert lifting weights
albert in shop
Bossman with helmet
albert and bossman with clients
bossman working on truck
bossman working on truck
bossman lifting weights
bossman working on truck
albert working on truck
crew with boss discussing invoices
josh in the shop
josh in the breakroom
matt with ambulance
bossman working on truck
bossman lifting weights
bossman lifting wieghts matt spots
albert in shop
bossman and truck
josh lifting weights
josh lifting weights
Boys on lunch
Matt lifting weights
Bossman and Matt work on a truck
Josh in the shop
Albert lifts weights
Albert lifts weights
Albert lifts weights
Bossman does invoices
Matt blows out air filtre
Matt lifts weights

Meet the staff

At The Diesel Doctor, we don't stand for anything less than excellence. Our staff is highly trained and supplied with state of the art equipment and resources. We source our replacement parts from OEM vendors or trusted aftermarket vendors such as Bulletproof and Sinister so you will never get a dud or some cheap knockoff. 


The goal is to fix whatever is ailing your vehicle the first time quickly so that you are back on the road as soon as possible.

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Bossman and Harley looking cool

- Jesus Lopez - Business Owner

Family above all else is the philosophy that I live my life by. My family numbers in the 100s and I love and cherish each and every member from my 3 beautiful daughters and grandsons to third cousins and uncles twice removed; everyone is family.


Besides my family, my biggest love is my business. I take great pride in providing a service that is quick and affordable to my patrons. I take extensive steps to make sure my guys fix your car or truck right the first time so that you are back on the road as soon as possible.





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Matt with ambulance

- Matt Schaefer - Automotive Technician

Hi, I'm Matt! I've been blessed to have been brought into this beautiful family. Jesse is my father in law. I'm happily married to his daughter Briana for almost five years now. I've been with the company for over six years now. I completed my associate's degree at Cuyamaca College in Automotive Technology. I hope to learn as much as I can through Jesse and my peers. 


I enjoy traveling with my wife to different places and spending time with my friends and family. I'm a huge Jacksonville Jaguars fan and hope one day they will win a Super Bowl in my lifetime. 


I love doing my job in helping fix customers vehicles with honesty and integrity. I enjoy coming to work every morning. Working with this group of guys is always entertaining. I strive to do my best every day. 



- Albert Armendariz - Automotive Technician

Hello, I'm Albert. I started working for the Diesel Doctor over seven years. I am so lucky to be given this opportunity to work for my Nino at The Diesel Doctor. I went to automotive school in Phoenix, AZ at Universal Technical Institute where I received my associate's degree in Science. While at UTI also received 14 Ford Factory training certificates and numerous achievements. 


I enjoy traveling and spending many days with my girlfriend Brittany, my family, and friends all over. I am a big baseball fan which includes coaching baseball for many years as well as playing for many years.




I wake up every morning excited knowing I am going to fix a customers truck and get them back on the road. I enjoy coming to work every day knowing there will be good laughs, fun with my co-workers. Every day here at Diesel Doctor I learn something new, and that's awesome.


Never Stop Learning and Do Your Best


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- Jon Povroznik- 

Office Manager

-Emma Mae Povroznik-

Unofficial Mascot


My Name is Jon Povroznik and I write the estimates, answer the phones, schedule, and keep the office together. I have a unique workplace that allows me to bring in my infant daughter a few days a week. Her name is Emma Mae, named after my great grandmother and Jesse's mother. She loves the shop! She even mimics the boys at home and fixes her "truck" almost nightly. Emma gets to hang out in her own corner of the office with her toys while daddy writes invoices and makes phone calls.

Emma no longer accompanies me to work, she's gotten too big and rambunctious! Just ask me, ill show you pictures!


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Image by Rob Wingate

- Armando Flores- Automotive Technician

bio to come




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Image by Rob Wingate

- Camillo Castro
- Automotive Technician

bio to come




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Image by Rob Wingate

- YOU?
- Automotive Technician





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